Rug Porter's guide to buying our handwoven modern rugs online

We're here to make your online experience as seamless as possible. Keep reading for tips when buying your rug online.

Take the time to measure your space to ensure you're ordering the correct size. A handy tip is to mark out the rug placement area with masking tape to help visualise the scale.

We recommend if you're tossing up between a smaller or larger size, if it fits, go larger. It can seem counterintuitive to choose a larger rug in a smaller space, but a rug that fills the area will make your room feel larger and more luxurious.

If you're still unsure, get in touch! Rug Porter is run by two qualified designers who are ready to help. If you're in Sydney, we also offer in-home obligation free trials.

Step two - what's your style? how will the space be used?

Thinking about the style of rug you like, the tones, the feel, will help narrow down your options if you're feeling overwhelmed with choice. When you're thinking about style, also think about how you plan on using the space. Will it be a high or low use area? Is it in your bedroom so you want a soft underfoot feel? Do you have little ones who will be spending lots of time on the rug, so you want something that's extra soft to the touch but also easy to clean? 

Still feeling overwhelmed with choice? Reach out to us and we can help narrow down your options based on your responses to the above questions.

Step 3 - Think about the material , weave and pile height

Let's keep it simple:

  • WOOL- Easy to clean, hyperallergic, soft. Natural fibre.
  • VISCOSE- Gives that beautiful sheen, needs a bit more care. Incredibly soft.
  • JUTE - Cut pile soft to the touch. Loop pile, a tighter flat weave. Natural Fibre.
  • THICK PILE - Luxurious feel. May need more regular vacuuming.
  • LOW PILE - Maybe less plush but easier to keep clean.
  • CUT PILE - Softer to the touch
  • LOOP PILE - Can still be soft, but generally a bit more coarse.

Which is better? It comes down to your space and how you plan on using it. 

We recommend for whichever material and style you choose, to follow our care guidelines to ensure you get as much longevity as possible.

Step four - still unsure? reach out!

Rug Porter is founded by a designer couple, which means not only are we able to provide expert advice, we understand how important it is to create your sanctuary. 

Contact us via email, or apply for your complimentary styling consultation via our online form. No question is too small or too complicated.  

We can also send through videos and more photos of our rugs. Stay tuned for samples being available very soon.