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We ship Australia wide! Click here (links to shipping page) for more information.

If You are not completely happy with Your rug, you may return it to us within seven days from the date of receipt of Your rug, for a full refund or exchange. Returned rugs, under the returns policy must be returned in their original packaging with all accessories, and must be in a re-saleable condition. Rug Porter, at its sole discretion, may refuse to accept a rug under the returns policy if a rug has not been returned in re-saleable condition. Rugs that are damaged or soiled will not be accepted for return.

We do not accept returns of any sale items.

Unfortunately, we do not currently ship outside Australia.

Rug Porter strives to only work with credited suppliers.

Rug Porter operates solely online.
We want you to feel confident in your purchase, therefore we offer a flexible returns policy and styling service to ensure a seamless and hassle-free
experience. If you're based in Sydney, we offer in-home consultations.

We currently accept VISA, Mastercard and Afterpay.

We only use natural fibers, such as wool and jute. Information for each rug can be found on the individual product page.

All of our rugs are produced on traditional looms that are hand-powered by artisans. Hand made rugs are produced by skilled artisans whose skills have
been passed down through generations. When you’re urchasing handmade, you’re
not just purchasing a rug, but a piece of art.

We always recommend going a bit bigger than you may think you need. Your rug should fill your space to really create a room within a room. Still unsure? We’re here to help, click here for more information.

Our rugs are not designed for outside use.

We sure do! Get in contact with us for more information.

As our rugs are handmade, you may experience a slight variation, up to 3% in size difference. Slight colour variation (5% is the Australian standard) can occur due to the natural dyeing process. Our buying service can help ensure you’re picking the right colour rug.

We recommend where possible avoiding direct sunlight. We also recommend rotating your rug every so often, to ensure colour balance.

Care & Maintainance+

What you need to know about your rug

Our rugs are handcrafted and made from natural fibres, meaning they have certain characteristics that may surprise you when you first receive your rug;

● Every rug has a distinct odour when it first arrives, caused by the packaging trapping the smells of the rug’s natural dyes and fibres – this will vanish over time.
● Creases in your rug will occur during shipping. Once laid flat, they’ll disappear over time.
● New rugs shed loose fibres. This will eventually stop and can easily be cleaned with a vacuum. If your rug ‘sprouts’ loose long fibres, simply trim with scissors.

General rug care

● Clean all spills immediately to prevent permanent stains.
● Do not rub any spills as it can cause the liquid to become set in the fibres. Scrape as much of the spill up as possible, then blot them with a cloth. Use a dry towel to absorb excess moisture.
● Always use a reputable professional cleaner who is experienced in cleaning handmade rugs.
● Direct sunlight, gas heaters and fireplaces, can cause the natural fibres in your rug to dry out and fade. Consider placing them away from these areas.
● Rugs naturally wear and fade, especially if placed in a high traffic area or exposed to direct sunlight. For longevity, rotate your rug every 3-6 months.

Vacuuming your rug

● Vacuum your rug regularly to remove any surface dirt before it becomes set into the natural fibres.
● We do not recommend using vacuums with beater bars as they can damage the rug. Instead, use canister vacuums or brooms. Ensure the vacuum is not too powerful as it can pull at the fibres.
● Vacuum in the direction of the hand braid and avoid running over the edges and fringes as this can also damage them over time.

Wool rugs

In addition to general rug care and vacuuming, when cleaning, use only cold or lukewarm water on wool rugs to avoid irreversible shrinkage and damage.

Natural fibre rugs

Natural fibres are highly absorbent, so in addition to general rug care and vacuuming, do not steam clean or saturate with water as this will cause irreversible shrinkage or damage to the rug.

Rug protection treatment

We highly recommend applying a rug protection treatment after your rug has arrived to help protect your rug against long-term damage from accidents and sun exposure. Although there are several options for you to choose from, we always recommend using Fibre ProTector. It's environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-allergenic, bio-degradable, has no long-lasting smell, and does not give off VOCs. Plus, it will not change the colour or texture of your rug.


To prevent your rug from being damaged in storage, make sure you clean and dry the rug thoroughly before you roll it up in plastic or fabric. Place in a cool, dry, dark space, and if possible, store in a climate-controlled room with no heavy objects placed on top.

Shipping & Returns+

Rug Porter offers complimentary shipping Australia-wide*.

We use varied third party freight carriers for all our shipping. Our estimated dispatch time is 1-3 days, when in stock, from date of purchase. For items that are not in stock, please contact us at info@rugporter.com.au
Approximate freight delivery times are as follows, based on typical delivery lead times, delivery times may vary due to Covid restrictions and during peak times such as Christmas. Rug Porter are not responsible for delayed shipment arrivals once handed over to third party freight carrier but as a guideline the below reflect business as normal timings;

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide metropolitan areas,

3-8 business days

Perth metro, WA - 4-5 days

7-14 business days

Regional NSW, QLD, VIC, SA & TAS

6-10 business days

Regional WA & NT

8-17 business days

Once your order has been fulfilled you will receive your TNT Express tracking number via email from Grounded Rugs Client Services team which you can track to see the movement and estimated delivery day of your Grounded Rug.

*Limited access remote locations may be exempt from free shipping. Please contact info@rugporter.com.au if you’d like to confirm if you qualify for free shipping.

* Due to the ongoing developments with COVID-19 Rug Porter is in constant consultations with its third-party shipping partners to ensure health and safety measures are in place. Although we try our best to ensure best practice, Rug Porter is not responsible for the actions of their third party suppliers.