Weaving timeless traditions with modern design

Thoughtfully curated and consciously sourced, Rug Porter is a contemporary gallery that pays homage to a family legacy that has been intricately entwined in the rug industry for generations. Inspired by neutral aesthetics and modern design, our rug collections have a sense of belonging, transcend seasons and are inherently beautiful.

We’re passionate about keeping it in the family

A contemporary interpretation of a family legacy, Rug Porter was founded by a team of Sydney-based creatives, who combine their architecture and interior design know-how with their passion for modern rug design. Rug Porter's deep heritage in the supply of high quality, handmade rugs goes beyond Jahan's childhood. Through the generations, knowledge of the artisan practice has been passed down, relationships have been cultivated, and a deep appreciation of craftsmanship has been fostered. Although the team’s modern design aesthetic defines Rug Porter's collection, special drops of traditional styles feature to honour their past while introducing the more classic style to a new generation.



At our core, we believe in crafting rugs that stand the test of time, using only the finest materials. Each fiber tells a story of uncompromising excellence, ensuring that your rug not only adorns your space but also becomes a timeless testament to the artistry of premium craftsmanship.


Every day we celebrate the beauty and craftsmanship of handmade rugs. We come from a long lineage of rug suppliers, who, from generation to generation, have passed on a deep appreciation and love for the intricately woven fibres that help define the spaces we inhabit.

Ethical +

Our heritage resonates throughout our business. We journey to distant lands to source rugs that have been consciously designed and have the stories of the makers woven into their fibres. Our rugs have a worldliness with a sense of belonging.

Designer Curated+

At every stage of the rug buying experience, we believe in being honest and transparent in the way we do business, with the makers and suppliers we source our rugs from to the customer we serve. We believe in providing high-quality rugs with a design aesthetic that resonates with the local market and at a fair price.


Celebrating an artisan legacy


Learning first hand from the family business, which has been supplying handmade one-of-a-kind rugs to the Australian market for over 60 years. Jahan and Carla have a deep passion and knowledge of the intricate detailing, materiality, and craftsmanship that goes into handmade rugs. With their design-driven backgrounds, the Rug Porter team wanted to carry on an age-old tradition accentuated by their own design aesthetics for the Australian market.